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Cadence Crew drives vehicle access, rear vision and specialty lighting solutions centered on automotive, transportation, truck cap, tonneau cover, specialty vehicle, defense and motorcycle manufacturers.

Solutions Showcase

Vehicle Access

Grab handles for truck bed covers

  • Thermoplastic with automotive protective coating
  • Option - remote keyless entry

Small T handles for truck bed caps and covers

  • Zinc die cast with automotive protective coating

Thumb-turn lock assemblies for truck bed covers

  • Zinc die cast with automotive protective coating

Fold down T and Rotary Paddle handles for compartment doors

  • Stainless steel with electro-polish finish to defend against corrosion



Mirror assemblies for motorcycles

  • Vibration resistant for clear rear vision visibility
    • Zinc die cast with chrome polish or black powder coating
    • Abrasion resistant polycarbonate for high level cosmetics
polaris snow mirror.jpg

Mirror assemblies for snowmobiles

  • Shock resistant construction with joint pocket for easy rider adjustment


infotainment touch screen.jpg
Remote Headlamp Cooling system.jpg
Cut glass affect.png
Signature Lighting.jpg

Interior and exterior LED lighting for vehicles

  • Interactive infotainment touchscreens
  • Best in class LED Lo-beam and Hi-beam
  • Remote headlamp cooling system
  • ECE certified lamps
  • LED cut glass finishing
  • Signature lighting with legal functionality

Cadence Crew delivers extreme value to markets it endorses. We promise absolute solutions, and component alignment that intensify expectations and maximize customer profitability. We invite you to explore our website, about, and to connect with us!